About Me

In the Fall of 2016, I packed up my sunny New York City apartment and headed to Washington D.C. to be sworn in as a diplomat for the United States of America. After a few months of training, I was shipped abroad and will be sent to a new country every two years. Where am I now? Vietnam! So armed with only my color-coordinated highlighters and a shiny new copy of the U.S. Constitution, I venture into the unknown, hoping to not cause any international diplomatic incidents.

Notes From Post will be my way of sharing everyday observations about my life as a diplomat. Please feel free to post comments, advice, or questions, as I’d be thrilled to hear from you. Now. As my future posts will surely be filled with exciting adventures and riveting cliff-hangers (a.k.a embarrassing cultural blunders), I ask that you prepare yourself. Thank you for following along!

The opinions and thoughts expressed herein are my own. Please don’t fire me.